Student Support

At Thamesmead School we strive to help all students maximise their potential.  We recognise that some students will require extra and additional support in order to achieve this.  Each student regardless of their ability is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is relevant to their educational needs.  As a fully inclusive school it is our aim that all students have their needs met within a caring and supportive environment.

School Offer

The questions relating to the School Offer for students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) have been developed in co-production with parent carers and young people and ask the sorts of questions to which they want to know the answers.

The information provided in the link below will help show how children and young people with SEND are supported at Thamesmead.

Thamesmead School Local Offer 2018

(Response to questions 1 to 14)

Whole School Provision

Whole School Provision Map By Areas of Need

SEND Information Report


Y7 Literacy and Numeracy catch-up premium

(Awaiting update)


Support for Families

Family Information Directory

Parents can access a range of information on the Surrey website for Child care / SEND services / Leisure & Health / Help & Support / education / Social Care here

Parent Pages

Keep up to date with news and issues that affect families with children aged 5-19 (25 for SEND)

Local Advice and Initiatives

Elevate Life

Elevate Life has been created to support teens who find school difficult.  Parents can also find it difficult to find the support they need, especially during secondary schooling when parents’ coffee mornings are few and far between and inaccessible altogether by working parents.

Free workshops are held across the local area to promote wellness and focus on reducing anxiety through gamification, mindfulness, other therapeutic techniques and study skills. A range of modules are also available to help develop the person so they are well-prepared for adult life.

Chat Health

A new service has recently been launched giving students the chance to text in confidence for Health Advice

Chat Health

Advice on Mental Health and Wellbeing

This leaflet contains useful information on Mental Health for parents of Secondary age school children

Mental Health – Secondary Parents leaflet


Following a trial in school with some of our Y7 students, many commented on how useful the meditation was. Regular practice of meditation has several beneficial effects on our children’s emotional, mental and intellectual development, and is something to encourage students in all year groups to practice. Below is the MP3 audio file – have a go at home! Click on the arrow to start.