Admissions for entry Sept 2022

Admissions for September 2022 entry

On a typical visit to Thamesmead you would see the following;

  • A friendly and warm welcome for students, staff and visitors alike
  • A calm school as you walk through the corridors and visit our lessons
  • Well behaved, smartly dressed, and respectful students who enjoy coming to Thamesmead each day
  • Focused classrooms with our professional staff teaching their specialist subjects
  • A clear focus on developing our Thamesmead character values in our learners


A short film to introduce our school to you (filmed in Sept 2020)

We invited a crew into school to make a short movie about our school. We believe this captures what is special about Thamesmead and hope that you will see this too. You can watch the film here


Year 7 students – starting at Thamesmead School


Other information that you may find helpful in helping you learn more about Thamesmead School

The school prospectus

June 2017 OFSTED report

2019 Examination results

DFE Performance Tables –

Information on our school curriculum:



Feedback & comments from parents received during the lock down period –

Information on admissions –

Our ethos and values –

FAQ – Open Evening 2021 – FAQ Open Evening 2021

Admission numbers over previous years – see section below

Please note. As formal examinations were not sat in the Summer of 2020 due to the impact of the national lockdown of schools we have decided, in agreement with the Spelthorne Secondary Schools that results data from 2020’s GCSEs is not appropriate information to help parents with making decisions on secondary school choices. We refer you instead to the 2018/19 GCSE results data which is based on the GCSE exams sat by our students in that year.

If there are any questions you have that you have not found the answer to within all of this information please do contact us and we will do our best to provide it. If you would like to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team about the school please contact us and let us know and we will try and arrange a call to you.

We hope that after participating in our admissions events you will be left a positive impression of our school and will be considering us for your child’s secondary education. Information on how to apply is available on our admissions page and any remaining questions about admissions can be directed to

Admission statistics for Thamesmead School 2020, 2019, 2018

Below please find two attachments which outline admission to Thamesmead in Year 7 over the last 3 years.  This information is normally shared with parents and Year 6 students on our Open Evening, which unfortunately cannot take place this year.

– The first attachment shows the actual number of students who joined Thamesmead in Year 7 in the September of the year of admission, as per our Admission Arrangements criteria.

– The second attachment shows which schools the students joined us from.

As you can see the numbers differ slightly from year to year.