(BBC News School Report) Where did all the female engineers go?

(Reported by Scarlett Griffiths, Year 9) By 2020 the UK alone will need more than one million new engineers! This is a vast amount of people but is it achievable? Only if we gain more female in interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mechanics) subjects. A great effort is being made by national schools… Read more »

(BBC News School Report) What should we do with our high streets?

(Reported by Ian Volkov, Year 8)   It’s becoming quite a common sight on our high streets: empty shops, their windows smothered and lathered in white paint or boarded up, and a for sale sign on the wall. Fifteen stores a day in the UK are closing down, and the number of new stores opening… Read more »

(BBC News School Report) What impact does music have on your mental health?

(Reported by Honey Clark, Year 9) Music can be hard, rocky and loud or classical and calming. But is what you are listening to changing the way you feel emotionally? Artists such as Sam Smith have the ability to make us cry whereas other musicians such as Beastie Boys make us want to break the… Read more »

(BBC News School Report) ‘East to West’ – the charity that brings hope to young lives

East to West is a charity that supports young people founded in 1996 working in the Surrey boroughs, Windsor and Maidenhead. Their mission statement is to ‘bring hope to young lives’ through actively journeying with young people, pursuing emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness for all. The organisation aims to help them to gain self-confidence and… Read more »

(BBC News School Report) Our train services: what is the problem? – Exclusive interview with local MP, Dominic Raab

(Reported by Ian Volkov, Year 8) Many adults in the suburbs and outskirts of London regularly commute to work, alongside my dad, who used to work at an office in North London. The majority of people regularly have frustrations with our services, including my dad, who has said: “The constant delays and cancellations are frustrating; why… Read more »