(BBC News School Report) Is it ethically right to make animals work until exhaustion for our own entertainment?

(Reported by Faye Macdonald, Year 9) Animals have been used for entertainment for years but many of these past times have now been made illegal due to their cruel and unethical nature – bear baiting, dogfighting, cockfighting. However, in a world where animal rights are becoming increasingly strengthened, we need to ask ourselves why we still… Read more »

(BBC News School Report) Cyber Crime

(Reported by Oliver Cubillos, Year 9) In the present age, we don’t know what criminals look like online the wide web. A platform these criminals strive on is the internet; cybercrime has been increasing over the 21st century which raises the question: what does an average criminal look like nowadays? In this subject there are… Read more »

(BBC News School Report) East Meets West

(Reported by Paige William, Year 8) People in Western countries are becoming increasingly interested in Japanese culture and their way of life. Whether it be the advanced technology, Anime (Japanese animation films) or the interesting and quirky culture, it is a long established fact that people in the West admire the Japanese. In our weekly… Read more »

(BBC News School Report) Should the next Doctor be a woman?

(Reported by Honey Clark, Year 9) Time travel, space, adventure, monsters and aliens – and of course, drama. All these things make up the  Science-Fiction show that millions know and love today. The show has been running of over 50 years and has captivated viewers into becoming lifelong fans. Furthermore, Doctor Who has worked its way… Read more »

(BBC News School Report) China Unnerves the Elite Footballing Community

(Reported by Kofi Osei-Owusu, Year 7) Football, a sport that draws the attention of millions of fans per year. However as China turns the head of the top footballers many fans and managers feel the spirit of the game is slowly crumbling away. In this report we will look deeply into the heart of the problem… Read more »