Being a Governor

There are opportunities to join the Governing Body for those who can bring professional expertise and experience to the role and who wish to help make Thamesmead an outstanding school in every way. If this is a role which interests you, please see the information below and contact the Governor Support Officer, Mrs C Atkins:

Full Governing Body Meeting Schedule

Full Governing Body – Meeting Schedule 2022-2023

Committee Structure – 2022-2023

Attendance Sheet 2021 to 2022

The role of the Governing Body is a strategic one:

  • To set the strategic vision and direction for the school
  • To hold the Headteacher to account for the school’s academic performance
  • To ensure the school manages its finances wisely and achieves value for money

Governors work closely with the School Leadership Team, and other key members of the school community (including staff, parents and students) to drive up school and student performance and ensure that resources are used wisely to support the best possible education for every child at the school.

The Governing Body meets four times a year, and Committees meet twice a term. Most meetings take place at 5 or 5.30pm and last for no more than two hours. Apart from preparing for and attending meetings, governors are expected to read widely and to attend regular training courses, at least once a term. The Governing Body also holds two half-day development sessions a year, and an Open Day to give governors the opportunity to experience the school at work. All governors are expected to attend these sessions.

Most of the work of the Governing Body is carried out by committees and working groups.:

  • The Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Committee has delegated responsibility which includes the monitoring of Safeguarding, ensures all students are able to enjoy equality of access to all aspects of the school’s curriculum, monitors personal development of students, well-being and has strategic overview on student behaviour, discipline and attendance.
  • Learning & Standards monitors the school’s academic performance to ensure that every child achieves the highest possible progress and attainment.
  • The Resources Committee monitors the school budget to ensure that assets and resources are well managed and achieve Value for Money.

In addition, governors have specific roles such as Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Admissions, Careers, Performing Arts and SCITT (Training School.)

Governors are actively involved in Community Engagement to ensure that the school maintains a high profile within the local community and takes part in community events such as Remembrance Day, Big Tree Night and Shepperton Fair.