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Students are encouraged to solve practical problems through learning the skills of research, planning, making, testing and evaluating.


Within specialist teaching areas students study a rotating pattern of technology subjects in each term covering Food and Nutrition, Core skills and knowledge and material specialisms including textiles, timber, metals and polymers.

What topics will I study in KS3?  (Year 7, 8, 9)

Year 7

  • Develop D&T skills using a wide range of materials
  • Make and design a pencil box from timber and polymers.
  • Use CAD/CAM and the laser cutter to produce a mass production prototype a culturally inspired tea light holder.
  • Learn how to use the sewing machine and develop hand stitching methods
  • Design and make a culturally inspired tablet cover using a range of decorative methods.
  • To understand food hygiene and how to work safely in the kitchen, using a range of equipment and develop knife skills.
  • Understand the importance of healthy eating and be able to analyse own diet to suggest improvements.
  • To develop practical skills to make healthy snacks.

Year 8

  • Develop creativity skill and understand how to emulate famous design movements from history.
  • Further develop design skills making a product using polymers.
  • Use CAD/CAM and the laser cutter to produce a mass production prototype a culturally inspired tea light holder.
  • Develop design and practical skills to produce a puggly mascot using recycled fabrics.
  • Develop knowledge of the properties of different materials and understand how fabrics are constructed.
  • Further knowledge of the function of food ingredients and to apply the principles of the eatwell guide to make food products.
  • To become more confident users of the cooker and other equipment to produce healthy lunchbox snacks

Year 9

  • Develop iterative design skills and create a product prototype for a real client.
  • Use timber skills in conjunction with knowledge of mechanisms to create a child’s toy.
  • Use fabric to make a product using researched inspiration material
  • Understand how a product impacts the environment and learn sustainable practices.
  • To develop a higher level of skill in food preparation and cooking techniques to produce a range of meals.
  • To understand the dietary requirements of different ages and gain awareness of allergies.
  • To begin to understand the nutritional values of foods in order to make healthy choices to own diet and produce food products that suit different dietary needs.

Can I study this subject at KS4?  (Year 10 & 11 – GCSE)

Students can choose to study Food and Nutrition or Design and Technology.

What careers might this lead to?

Engineering, Electronics, Product & Graphic Design, Manufacturing, Catering & Nutrition, Fashion & the Arts.

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