Welcome to the History department


To bring the past to life and give students an appreciation of British and International history that affects the way we live today.


The History department is one of the most successful in the school and regularly achieves good KS3 and GCSE results. The excellent teachers in the department bring the past to life through their interactive lessons. Skills learned studying History, particularly research, analysing documents and essay writing will be invaluable across the curriculum.

What topics will I study in KS3?  (Year 7, 8)

(Year 9 students will begin on the GCSE syllabus – see KS4 page)

Year 7

Students learn about various aspects of Medieval England including:

  • The Battle of Hastings
  • Norman England
  • Medieval Life
  • Tudors and Stuarts

Year 8

Students study 1700-present day including:

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Briitsh Empire and Slavery
  • World War I
  • Causes of World War II
  • Key events of WWII
  • Genocide
  • Terrorism

Can I study this subject at KS4?  (Year 10 & 11 – GCSE)

Students can choose to study History as one of their option choices.

Are there any enrichment opportunities / visits or trips?

There are opportunities for overseas trips to the Belgian Battlefields or Germany, usually in Year 9.

What careers might this lead to?

Law, historian, journalism, teaching, librarian, archivist, most civil service posts

Useful website links:

John D Clare

Mr Allsop History Revision