Computer Science

Welcome to the Computer Science department


Aim year 7: for students to develop their Computational Thinking and knowledge of Computer Science

Aim year 8: for students to develop their knowledge of Website Design and Artwork and Imaging


Overview year 7: Year 7 students will be the first cohort at Thamesmead School to be offered the option to study Computer Science at GCSE level. In preparation for this they will develop their knowledge of what computer science is and explore the benefits and opportunities that becoming a computer scientist can bring.

Overview year 8: Year 8 students will commence CiDA (Certificate in Digital Applications) as their ICT GCSE qualification in year 9. Students will acquire and develop the skills they need in website development and digital imaging to successfully complete the CiDA course.

What will I study in KS3? (Year 7, 8, 9)

Year 7

  • eSafety – HTML coding in Notepad++
  • How Computers Think – Numberbases and Binary
  • Stationary Shop – Spreadsheet modelling in Excel
  • Top Trumps – Designing Databases in Access
  • CS Unplugged and Scratch – introduction to programming

Year 8

  • Website Development – HTML & CSS
  • Digital Imaging – use and creation of vector and bitmap graphics
  • Website Design with SkyLark Creative – designing a website to meet client requirements
  • Website Authoring – creating a website in Serif Web Plus
  • Heros & Villians – GCSE preparation for CiDA qualification

What will I study at KS4? (Year 9 and 10 – GCSE)

Students will study CIDA (Certificate in Digital Applications) as a core course in Year 9 and Year 10.

What careers might this lead to?

ICT skills are vital to an enormous number of careers. Students who excel in ICT may consider careers in computer science and programming, media and film industry, app and website design, computer installation and maintenance and communications.

It is widely accepted that students currently in school are likely to be heading for careers and jobs that have not even been invented yet so career options are ever increasing.

Apprenticeships and further study at college and university are available in these career areas.