Art & Design

Students can choose GCSE Art & Design as one of their options at KS4

What will I study as part of GCSE Art & Design?

Unit 1: Personal Portfolio in Art & Design (60% of your final grade)
Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment in Art & Design, (40% of your final grade)

In these units you will learn how to create successful final pieces from your starting idea through to the final realisation. This will be inspired by your own research and the work of other artists. You will gain confidence in using and experimenting with a huge range of different media. You will learn how to use a sketchbook as a research tool and present your work to the standard of a professional artist.

How will I learn this?

• Develop visual language skills and present different ideas in a sketchbook
• Research and gather material from a variety of sources
• Study artists’ techniques and styles
• Analyse and evaluate your work and work of others
• Experiment with a variety of materials
• Develop a portfolio of work for further courses

What is the exam format?

The GCSE Art & Design course is divided into 4 assessment areas each equally weighted:

• Developing ideas: Formulate ideas from a variety of different starting points generated from primary and contextual sources. Learn about artists and art movements from contemporary, historical and cultural contexts. Visit art galleries and other London attractions to further develop your ideas.
• Refining ideas and skills: Experiment with a wide range of materials. Learn different styles, techniques and disciplines (for example paint, print, sculpture, clay, mixed media and textiles).
• Recording for purpose: Collect images from different sources and demonstrate skilful use of the formal elements of line, tone, colour, texture, form and structure. Draw from observation and experience.
• Presenting and realising: Create a final piece in a media or media of your choice that links to other artists work and is creative, imaginative and innovative.

60% of the GCSE grade (Unit 1) is coursework covered through year 10 and in the first term of year 11. All class work and homework completed during this time counts towards the coursework grade awarded.

The Final Examination
The final examination is an externally set assignment, with a timed practical, art-making test. This is worth 40% of your final grade

A different theme is set annually by the exam board. Previous examples include ‘Work, Rest and Play,’ ‘Similarities and / or Differences’ and ‘Wraps.’

Exam Board : Edexcel

Are there any enrichment opportunities / visits or trips?

GCSE students will visit the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

What careers or courses might this lead to?

The value of studying a creative subject has been widely promoted in recent years; it develops independent learners who are able to adapt and develop new understandings with confidence. The courses available for further study at college vary from Fine Art to 3-Dimensional Design to Fashion. Employment opportunities beyond this are extensive, including architecture, theatre costume and make-up, advertising, computer animation, model-making or even TV set design.

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