Personal Development

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Curriculum Information for Key Stage 3 students


Welcome to Personal Development


To provide students with the knowledge and understanding to be able to move from school into adult society.


PSHE and Citizenship have been combined into a programme that runs across KS3 and KS4, Personal Development.  Students will have 16 lessons across the year, and rotate around the different topic areas.


What topics will I study in KS3 (years 7, 8 & 9):

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Rights and Responsibilities


Personal wellbeing


Identity and Diversity


Health Education

Government and Politics


Community responsibility


Personal safety


Economic awareness



Sex and Relationships Education


Personal wellbeing


Community and diversity


Can I study this at KS4?   

This is studied throughout the school.


Are there any enrichment opportunities in school?

Assemblies, guest speakers.


What could I do at home to help myself or where could I visit to help my learning?

Try to put into practice some of the themes taught.  For example, explore the possibility of becoming a volunteer.


Helpful websites include:

Anti-Bullying Week                    

Safer Internet                            

Murder Games (Breck Bednar)

CEOP / Thinkuknow                  

Internet Matters                          

PSHE Association                       


Surrey County Council               

Young Stonewall (LGBT)           

Forward (FGM)                             


Healthy Working Lives (Alcohol & Drugs)

NHS (Effects of Drugs)             

Social Media & Radicalisation