Religion, Philosopy & Ethics

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Curriculum Information for Key Stage 3 students


Welcome to the Religion, Philosophy and Ethics department


To develop a critical understanding of World Religions and non-religious views.



Introduce the main beliefs, practices and divisions of World Religions (Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism – a particular specialism on Buddhism at GCSE) – and non-religious views, for example, humanism as well as explore contemporary ethical and global issues. Students begin their GCSE studies in Year 9 and sit their exam at the end of Year 10.


What topics will I study in KS3 (years 7 and 8):



Can I study this at KS4?    

RPE is a core subject and is studied at KS3 and KS4 with the full GCSE being taken in Year 10.


Are there any enrichment opportunities in school?

The department have visiting speakers and take part in the HUmanities trips in Year 8


What could I do/read at home to help myself or where could I visit to help my learning?

Reading a good quality newspaper covers many of the religious issues and public debates arising in the classroom.

Visiting museums and sacred places when on holiday in the UK and abroad, showing a curiosity about people’s beliefs and practices.


Useful websites: