GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy (Core Subject)

Useful website links & Revision Guides:

Combined Science specification


GCSE Biology specification


GCSE Chemistry specification


GCSE Physics specification


SAM Learning

BBC GCSE Bitesize

Physics Equations  

AQA Physics Equations

How to achieve in Science

Use your revision guide and workbook: (see link below)

Science Revision Guides 2017-18

Bring your revision guide to lessons and use it as a text book. It has clear summaries of what you are learning.

Use the revision guide when you do your homework. A lot of the worksheets we use will match the pages in the revision guide.

Look ahead – have a look at the next page and write down some key words and the meanings

When you revise:

Make a concept map/ poster/ revision notes with Key points from one or two pages of the revision guide on 1 side of A4. (put the title and page number in the corner)

You can add notes from your school book.

On the back – write out 10 questions about these key points.

On another piece of paper – have a go at all of questions without looking at the poster (then check your answers. Do this until you get all the answers correct. Make sure you write the answers out as this will help you remember them.

Give these questions to your parents/friends and ask them to test you.

Keep these revision sheets in a folder in page order – and use them again and again.