D of E Award

What is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a challenging programme of activities which enables young people to learn new skills, help others, and experience adventure, and will give a great sense of achievement.  Many organisations, such as employers and universities take a very positive view of young people who have achieved it.

The programme is based on ten guiding principles, which are:

• Non competitive – a personal challenge – not a competition

• Achievable by all – regardless of ability, gender, background or location

• Voluntary – young people choose to undertake a programme and commit some of their free time to it

• Personal Development – commitment and achievement inspires personal and social development

• Personalised – young people design their own programme, setting their own goals

• Balanced – challenges young people in different aspects

• Progressive – each level requires greater time, commitment and responsibility

• Achievement focused – young people set their own challenging goals to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

• Demand commitment – persistence and commitment must be demonstrated with participants encouraged to continue beyond the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


Why encourage your child to do Duke of Edinburgh?

It is a great opportunity to learn new skills, support their well-being and have some fun.  The perfect chance to be independent, do something different and challenge themselves outside of their comfort zone.  This is an opportunity that is not just for their CV but can also change your child’s life. It will help them to be part of a community and give back to it.

At present, all expeditions are on hold- awaiting confirmation of when these will run again. Students will choose activities in 3 categories: Skills, Volunteering and Physical.  These can include running, watching penguins remotely, playing an instrument. For their participation they will receive a certificate of achievement and the actual award on completion of the expedition element in the future.  Please  see link below for more info on activity ideas: https://www.dofe.org/dofewithadifference/activities


Ridgeline Training information booklet

Thamesmead Training_v2


Bronze Duke of Edinburgh

Year 9 Bronze Expedition and Training events

Friday 17th March  – Training event – 2.45-6.45 in school

Saturday 18th March – Pratcice walk – starting at Denbies Vineyard at 10am

Sunday 9th – Monday 10th July – Qualifying expedition weekend


Silver Duke of Edinburgh


Follow these links for further information:




Thank you to the Heathrow Community Fund

Thamesmead would like to thank The Heathrow Community Fund for providing funding to purchase additional equipment for our Duke of Edinburgh students. The compasses and trangia burners meant they didn’t get lost and they had hot food in the evenings.


Thamesmead Adventure

Thamesmead Adventure is a whole school, inclusive programme of great days out, residential trips and courses to enjoy outdoor life and the excitement and challenge of outdoor pursuits and activities.  It aims to promote physical and mental well-being, develop character, gain specific knowledge and skills and generally encourage a positive attitude to life.  Most importantly Thamesmead Adventure gives everyone the chance to succeed.

This programme will resume as soon as restrictions and guidelines permit