Revision Guide

Revision is a vital part of preparation for both internal school exams and the public GCSE exams.

Parents can help students by:

  • Make space for a specific area to work quietly away from distractions
  • Encouraging them to organise their time to include regular meals, exercise, sleep and time to relax with friends
  • Take some time to let them read things through with you or be available to go over answers with them
  • Encourage a positive attitude about what they can achieve
  • Have the equipment that they need sorted out in advance of the exam day and arrive for the exam in plenty of time
  • Make sure that all pre-exam coursework has been completed and handed in on time

Students can find revision tips and advice, past papers and work set by their teachers using these links:

Sam Learning:


Guide to using Sam

Sam learning Logon Guide

School revision resources guide

***updated version coming soon ***

BBC Bitesize:

AQA Exam board website – past papers and mark schemes:

Edexcel/Pearson Exam board website – past papers and mark schemes: