Thamesmead School recognises the value of having a uniform for the following reasons:

  • Safety – If all students wear a clearly recognisable uniform it is can immediately be recognised at a distance as a member of our school. In a situation where someone who isn’t a member of the school is on-site, they can be easily identified as not part of the school by their lack of uniform. This can be extended to days outside of school grounds. On day trips away, children can easily be spotted among crowds.
  • Preparations for the future – Dressing professionally in working environments is expected in adulthood. Uniform helps young people get used to dressing to a prescribed professional standard. It also helps them know the difference between formal and informal dress. 
  • Value for money – Good quality uniform is an economic way of dressing young people for school. You know exactly what to buy and when to buy it, and often uniform can be used for more than one school year as there are no fashion pressures. The uniform is robust and designed for longevity. They’ll last much longer than your child’s other clothing, helping you save money by not having to replace them as often. 
  • Relieves students from fashion ‘stress’ – School uniform eliminates the stress placed on students to purchase and wear expensive, fashionable and designer items. Wearing a uniform can reduce decision making, peer pressure and stress of selection for teenagers, so they and their family can focus on a calmer start in the mornings. 
  • Focus on development of character over visual identity – What children wear can define the child rather than the content of their character. Children should be prioritising the development of their personality, having the confidence to be who they are and not be defined by material things like the clothes they wear. With the Thamesmead school uniform, your child can express themselves in more meaningful ways, which helps to develop their creativity. 
  • A sense of pride – We all feel proud of our children when they are well dressed in the uniform. Uniform and team kits also help students to demonstrate pride in Thamesmead School. Wearing uniform creates equality such as across gender and socioeconomic backgrounds. At Thamesmead our children come together from different backgrounds and can immediately identify a fellow member of their team from the clothes that they wear, breeding a sense of cohesion and commonality. 
  • Helps raise aspirations – The smarter you feel the more you believe you can achieve. Wearing a uniform signals that you are ready to work and have an affinity with learning. Once children dress in uniform, their purpose is to work hard in their lessons. A sense of professionalism develops within each child, leading to more focus in the classroom.

Thamesmead School Blazers, Jumpers, Skirts, ties and Sports kit is available from A Sporting Choice the schools’ approved supplier.

Re: Summer uniform options

Following consultation with students we have introduced summer shorts as an addition to the uniform.  These are black tailored shorts that can be worn as an alternative to the trousers or skirt for the Summer Term only.  The shorts are now available for purchase online or at the store from the approved supplier only – A Sporting Choice.

Please be aware that only shorts from the approved supplier will be accepted as part of the summer uniform. Additionally, they should be paired with socks and regular footwear, not trainers.


A Sporting Choice

23 Molesey Road, Hersham,
Walton-on-Thames, KT12 4RN.

Tel: 01932 241404

Email: sales@asportingchoice.co.uk

Uniform Policy

Can be found on the policies page here


Pre-loved uniform

The FoT organise a termly sale of pre-loved uniform and you can enquire about any items that you need via info@thamesemead.surrey.sch.uk

Nearly new blazers, black school jumpers, skirts and logo polo tops can be donated via the main office.