Thamesmead School recognises the value of having a uniform for the following reasons:

Safety – If all students wear a clearly recognisable uniform it is easy to identify strangers. On the way to and from school it also affords a degree of safety as the students are part of a large body of young people who will look out for each other.

Preparations for the future – Many jobs require staff to wear a uniform and even if there is not a uniform there is often a dress code. Uniform helps young people get used to dressing to a prescribed standard. It also helps them know the difference between formal and informal dress.

Value for money – Good quality uniform is an economic way of dressing young people for school.

Relieves students from fashion ‘stress’ – School uniform eliminates the stress placed on students to purchase and wear expensive, fashionable and designer items.

A sense of pride – We all feel proud of our young people when they are well dressed in the uniform. Uniform and team kits also help students to demonstrate pride in Thamesmead School.

Helps raise aspirations – The smarter you feel the more you believe you can achieve. Wearing a uniform signals that you are ready to work.

Thamesmead School Blazers, Jumpers, Skirts and Sports kit is available from Shepperton Sports, the schools’ approved supplier.

Shepperton Sports

Shepperton Sports & Ski

80 High Street


TW17 9AU

Tel: 01932 225718



Plain white, with a top collar button, which must be done up. The shirt must be worn tucked in at all times.


School blazer, with school badge, purchased from approved supplier.


Optional black V-neck jumper, with school badge, purchased from approved supplier, may be worn as an additional item in cold weather. It is not an alternative to the blazer. No other jumpers/cardigans/ hoodies may be worn.


The appropriate clip-on House tie must be worn for school, available for purchase from the approved supplier and the school office.


Black tailored school trousers with no decorative belts/ buttons/ zips.
For further clarification, the following are not allowed:

– Jeans or trousers with ‘jean-style’ features e.g. drill cotton, studs, outer seams.
– Slim or tight-fitting trousers.
– Leggings or jeggings.


Plain, black, low-heeled shoes only. Boots of any description, canvas shoes and trainers/ trainers styles shoes (including skate shoes and similar styles) are not to be worn.


Only the Thamesmead school skirt, purchase from the approved supplier, is permitted to be worn. The skirts must not be rolled up at the waistband at any time and should be worn on the knee. We understand of course that children do grow; a new skirt will not be needed unless the skirt is shorted than 5cm above the knee.


Plain white, grey or black socks. Knee high or ankle length.


Black or flesh coloured tights only, no leggings.

Outdoor Clothing

Coats must be plain in colour. Leather or denim jackets are not permitted. Coats, scarves , hats and gloves are not to be worn in class or inside the school building.


Natural hair colours only. Hair braided with beads or cotton is not permitted. Hair extensions must be natural in colour.
Long hair should be tied back/styled off the face in all lessons. Any hair accessories worn e.g. headbands, should be discrete and these should be black or red.
Headscarves, if worn, must be plain black or navy blue.
Shapes, lines or symbols shaved into the head or a haircut less than a grade 2 are not acceptable.


Light foundation only, no other make-up allowed. Nail polish and false/acrylic/gel/sns nails or tips are not permitted.


A watch, one plain ring and one plain stud (<5mm in diameter) per ear lobe are allowed. No other body piercing is permitted, including ear stretchers. Failure to conform will mean confiscation of jewellery and parents will be invited into school to collect it.

Jewellery must be removed for PE and practical lessons.


Mobile phones, MP3 players/iPods etc. must be turned off throughout the whole day and kept out of sight at all times. Wearable communications devices/ Smart Watches must not be worn. If a student is found using or wearing any of these items in school they will be confiscated and retained for collection from the main office at the end of the school day on Fridays only.

*The school does not accept responsibility for items of this kind.

Please note that the normal hair, make-up, jewellery and mobile phone rules apply on mufti days and on school trips.

Boys’ and Girls’ PE Equipment

Red T-shirt with school crest
Red Thamesmead sports sweatshirt
Black shorts (In winter PLAIN, black tracksuit bottoms may be worn)
Trainers that correctly support the foot – NOT fashionable plimsolls/canvas footwear
Red football socks for all sports
Football boots
Optional – shin pads, mouth guard

Others Items


Students riding bicycles to school should conform to safety regulations, which recommend the wearing of light-reflecting items and safety helmets. Student motor scooters are not permitted on site.