Year Groups

In addition to Form Tutors who are the first point of contact with the school regarding your child, each year group also has a dedicated Head of Year who can assist you

At the start of each academic year, parents are invited to attend an Information Evening including a presentation detailing the learning and events for the coming year.

Year 7

Head of Year – Miss J Shillabeer

01932 219457


Year-7-special newsletter

Year 8

Head of Year – Mrs F Foster

01932 219416


Year 9

Head of Year – Mr P Stevenson

01932 219458


Year 10

Head of Year – Mr E Moulton

01932 219468


Year 11

Head of Year – Miss R Campbell

01932 219469




Deputy Head – Pastoral – Mrs J Bell

01932 219420

Deputy Head – Achievement – Mrs H Eley

01932 219415