You said – we did

Dear Parents,

Thank you for helping us with your suggestions on how we can continually look to improve the education we offer at Thamesmead. Feedback is always welcome. Below are some of the things that parents have said to us and how we have tried to address those points.


You Said We Did
You would like to see positive points on the parent portal Reward points are now shown on the parent portal so that parents can view students rewards.
You would like to see more production, news, sports and events photos There are photo updates on our Facebook page.
You would like to be able to book progress appointments online Parents can now book and view Progress Review appointments online via the School Cloud.
You would like more notice of events The school website calendar now shows details of activities, events, meeting dates and school holidays an academic year in advance (where available).
You weren’t always sure what extra-curricular activities were on and when Thamesmead Plus activities are published each half term as part of the Thamesmead Talk newsletter and are on the website
You wanted to know about booking student lockers and more of them. The link to the Locker company who manage our lockers is on the Home page of the website.
You haven’t always been sure how you can best help your child with their homework and would like to know more about revision help. Raising Achievement information and advice is on the wesbite in year groups to help you help your child at home. Curriculum newsletters are published every half term to let you know about the topics we are covering in school.
You would like more details about exams. The Exam Timetables are published on our website. Our options booklet has details of the exam boards we follow and there is a list in the exams section.
You are not always sure how much home learning your child should be getting. The Homework policy is on our website in the policy section and gives guidance on how much each year group should be expected to complete each week
Year 7 parents wanted to meet staff sooner than in the Spring Term As part of the Parent Partnership meetings in September, Year 7 parents now have the opportunity to meet with their son/daughter’s tutor.
You would like to be able to e-mail subject teachers if you have anything you need to discuss with them. Theemail addresses of all our teaching staff are published on the website. Staff will aim to respond to you within 48 hours. Contact links are also in the Parent Portal.