Revision Links

Revision is a vital part of preparation for both internal school exams and the public GCSE exams.

It is helpful to:

  • Work quietly away from distractions
  • Organise your time to include regular meals, exercise, sleep and time to relax with friends
  • Read things through with a parent or friend and test each other on facts and answers
  • Be positive attitude about what you can achieve
  • Have the equipment that you need ready for the exam day and arrive for the exam in plenty of time
  • Make sure that all pre-exam coursework has been completed and handed in on time

There are links to useful websites in the Learning tab of this website divided into subjects for KS3 and KS4.

Revision tips and advice, past papers and work set by your teachers can also be found by following the links below:

SAM Learning:


Guide to using Sam:

Sam learning Logon Guide

Revision Techniques

Revision Techniques

Year 11 Revision Guides

Y11 Revision guide list

Active Learn from Pearson

Pearson Active Learn – student log on required from your teachers

BBC Bitesize:

BBC Bitesize

AQA Exam board website – past papers and mark schemes:

AQA Exam Board Website

Edexcel Exam board website – past papers and mark schemes:

Edexcel/Pearson Exam Board Website

More revision sites can be accessed from the subject pages in the Learning section of this website for KS4

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