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Innervate Careers video with advice for GCSE students (April 2020)

The National Citizenship Service (for Year 11s)

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Careers Provision at Thamesmead

A principal aim of Thamesmead’s careers programme is to prepare young people for life beyond school and college. Thamesmead School is committed to providing a comprehensive and high quality careers programme, to support all of our students’ knowledge and understanding of how to manage their own lifelong learning and career path. Our programme aims to raise all students’ aspirations, irrespective of age, background, ability or SEND, and to develop our students’ employability skills across the school so that they are best prepared for their lives both during their time at Thamesmead, and in the future.

This is an outline of our careers programme. Please note that this may be subject to change, as opportunities come up, for example. Not also, that not all events are available for all students (some companies or providers stipulate small groups, for example).

Thamesmead School Careers Programme 2020-21

Year 7
  • Team building activity offered to all
  • Enterprise day for whole cohort
  • Music workshop – working in the music industry
  • Citizenship lessons: British values; diversity; identity; community; finance; barriers and solutions; responsibilities
In addition to specific careers related learning, students have access to the following:

  • Thamesmead School Careers Fair (All students in year 7-10), including representation from colleges, sixth forms, Universities and a variety of industries.
  • Careers Library
  • START digital platform activities
  • Careerometer for LMI
  • Assemblies from a range of employers/ employees
  • Curriculum areas linking their subjects to careers
  • External career fair opportunities for year 9, 10 and 11
  • Local Universities providing a range of activities which widen the horizons of some students
  • All students to have experiences of workplaces
  • All students taught employability skills in lessons
  • Tutor activities to show videos of different employees (particularly during apprenticeship, Science and Engineering weeks)
Year 8
  • STEAM Ambassadors to talk to all Year 8s in a form of ‘speed dating’
  • Visit to a farm with Geography dept. to include section about jobs
  • Group of students to a workshop on Maths Skills
  • Music workshop – working in the music industry
  • Group of students on Sports Leaders course
  • Citizenship lessons: volunteering; community; economic awareness; politics
Year 9
  • Choices lesson – Innervate Career Services
  • Choices assembly – Innervate Career Services
  • Options fair
  • STEM activity (provided by Army/ Sea Cadets) for whole cohort
  • Bridge Builders work experience
  • Trips- re careers in industry
  • BP Young Scientist Challenge
  • Citizenship lessons: careers; job market (LMI); interview skills; skills and strengths; community and diversity
Year 10
  • Choices at 16+ at Progress review evening
  • Choices at 16+ assembly –Innervate Career Services
  • What next questionnaire- Innervate Career Services
  • Assemblies from sixth form schools, colleges
  • Science masterclasses and careers workshops at Esher College
  • Acting workshop
  • Interviews – personal and group by Innervate Career Services
  • Mock interview- English lesson
  • College taster days: Brooklands, Strode’s and Woking Colleges
  • Visiting speaker from Churchill College, Cambridge University
  • Some students have been out on work experience (during school holidays is encouraged or with special permission during term time)
  • Experience in the workplace for students
  • Citizenship lessons: careers and employability; post-16 choices; CV writing; identity; community
Year 11
  • Assemblies from Sixth forms and Colleges apprenticeship providers, employers
  • Visiting speaker: Churchill College Cambridge University
  • Interviews from Innervate Career Services
  • U-Explore assist some students to find best pathway for post 16
  • Some students have been out on work experience (during school holidays is encouraged or with special permission during term time)
  • What next choice assistance: tutors/ HOY/JMA/SPI
  • Citizenship lessons: CVs and personal statements; interview technique; labour market information (LMI); skills and strengths; study skills
  • Interview skills workshop given by a company (e.g. FORTEM, AXA)