D of E Award

What is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a challenging programme of activities which enables young people to learn new skills, help others, and experience adventure, and will give a great sense of achievement.  Many organisations, such as employers and universities take a very positive view of young people who have achieved it.

The programme is based on ten guiding principles, which are:

Non competitive – a personal challenge, not a competition

Achievable by all – regardless of ability, gender, background or location

Voluntary – young people choose to undertake a programme and commit some of their free time to it

Personal Development – commitment and achievement inspires personal and social development

Personalised – young people design their own programme, setting their own goals

Balanced – challenges young people in different aspects

Progressive – each level requires greater time, commitment and responsibility

Achievement focused – young people set their own challenging goals to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Demand commitment – persistence and commitment must be demonstrated with participants encouraged to continue beyond the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


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