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When you entrust the education of your child to Thamesmead School, as Thamesmead School, we agree to give of our best to help your child to achieve his or her best.

Thamesmead School Staff will strive to:

  • Lead by example and set high standards in work and behaviour
  • Provide a safe, friendly, caring and supportive learning environment
  • Avoid discrimination of any sort including by gender, race, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation
  • Develop a curriculum that best meets the needs of all of our students
  • Challenge students’ minds and be aware of differing levels of ability
  • Set and mark work and homework that is relevant and appropriate
  • Balance criticism with praise
  • Monitor student progress and report regularly to parents
  • Recognise and reward effort as well as achievement
  • Show consistency and fairness in applying behavioural consequences

Thamesmead students will:

  • Maintain good attendance and be punctual to school and to lessons
  • Try my best in all lessons and hand in home learning on time
  • Make it possible for everyone to learn by listening to instructions and following them first time
  • Be polite and courteous to all the Thamesmead community of staff, students and visitors, and consider and respect the feelings and property of other people
  • Keep the school environment clean and tidy and care for school property
  • Move around the school in a quiet, orderly and safe manner
  • Bring the appropriate equipment to school and not bring anything into the school that could cause harm to or upset others, e.g. cigarettes, chewing gum, fireworks, aerosols, any illegal items such as weapons or drugs
  • Wear full school uniform smartly and appropriately, both in school and on the way to and from school
  • Remember that on on the way to and from school and when on school trips, I represent Thamesmead School
  • Report any incidents of bullying immediately to a member of staff
  • Ensure that any mobile phone, wearable communication device, music player, etc. brought into school is turned off and out of sight throughout the whole day, and in after school detention rooms. I understand that if I am found using any of these items in school they will be confiscated in line with the school’s mobile phone guidelines and procedures. I also understand that the school does not accept responsibility for items of this kind.
  • Accept the sanctions of the school if their behaviour is inappropriate

Thamesmead School will expect parents/carers to:

  • Be positive and supportive of the aims of Thamesmead School
  • Take an active and encouraging interest in their child’s work and progress
  • Encourage their child to do his or her best at all times
  • Encourage their child to balance social life and school life so that he or she arrives at school rested and ready for work
  • Ensure that their child leaves for school on time, in correct uniform and with the appropriate equipment
  • Attend progress review meeting evenings and other meetings regarding their child’s progress and well-being
  • Monitor homework and respond to communications from the school
  • Support the authority and discipline of the school including their child attending detentions if required to do so
  • Aim for maximum attendance of their child and inform the school promptly of any reasons for any absences
  • Support the school policy of not organising holidays during term time
  • Organise dental and other appointments wherever possible outside of school times
  • Inform the school of any circumstances which may affect their child’s attitude and performance in school
  • Telephone the school to make an appointment with a member of staff, if there any concerns, rather than just arriving at the school and expecting to see someone.