School Houses

Our pastoral system is different from almost all other schools and really does put our students first. Tutor groups comprise students from the same year and each tutor group is linked to a house, each with its own strong identity.

We have four school houses, Centaur, Dragon, Griffin and Phoenix:

House Centaur House Griffin House Dragon House Phoenix


• Centaur students are focussed on their targets displaying valiance, strength and determination.

• Dragon students should never be under estimated with their high levels of endurance, guidance and wisdom.

• Griffin students are loyal and balance physical strength with intelligence.

• Phoenix students are strong supporters of each other and are united in resilience, strength and energy.

The houses ensure that our students get the opportunity to experience school life beyond the academic curriculum. For example, there is an annual inter-house competition, regular reward events, charity days and many other inter-house events throughout the year. Moreover, every opportunity is taken to ensure that students have the chance to interact across the year groups through the inter-house events and mentoring opportunities.

In year 10, students can apply to become Prefects and they undertake a rigorous interview and training process. Each House’s Prefects are chosen for their many positive qualities and the school likes to develop these even further so that in future job, college and university interviews our students can give examples of how they have shown leadership, team work and problem solving. They are given many opportunities throughout the school year to do this.

All students at Thamesmead are encouraged to feel a strong sense of belonging and a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others and our House system is just one way in which we do this.


We have a student rewards scheme and other strategies for praise including calls and texts home, Rewards points and the Headteacher’s Award.


All houses are involved in charity fundraising and in the past have raised funds for Shooting Star Chase, Honey Pot, Water Aid and the Princess Alice Hospice.

As a school we also regularly and have previously supported charities such as Jubilee Church Bags of Food, Comic Relief, Sport Relief, Barnados, Project Trust, McMillan Cancer, Shooting Star Hospice, Momentum and Baraka Community.