Y10 trip to CISCO Head Office

Some of our Y10 students have recently visited Cisco Head Office and have have written about the trip.

“I thought that the CISCO trip was really informative and the facilities were really modern and high tech – the building itself was even made of glass.

Whilst visiting, we learnt about what CISCO as an organisation does and the innovations that it is involved in, which could impact on all our futures.  We were also taught about the wide variety of job opportunities that the organisation has and realised that we all have the potential to apply to work in an organisation like CISCO.  We met some members of staff which had come from very diverse backgrounds and heard about how they came to work for CISCO.

Modern global organisations are interested in making a good work / life balance for their staff and offer brilliant facilities, like a large staff restaurant with a vast choice of food options.   The food was great and we all sat down for lunch with our hosts and mentors. They also have a staff gym and run social events on a regular basis.

During an interesting tour of their buildings, we went into their own TV studios and green room.  We also went into their conference centre to see a demonstration of some of the new technologies that CISCO are involved in developing.  It opened our eyes to what the modern business world might really be like.”