Year 7 & Year 8 Careers events

At the end of the Spring Term Thamesmead School welcomed The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge staff who hosted our Year 7 Enterprise Day. Each year different companies set real life challenges which push students to think in both a creative and entrepreneurial way. This year KidZania London were the case study for Key Stage 3 students. Working in small business groups, teams were set the task of developing a new interactive activity for the Westfield based Kids Indoor City. In designing their ideas students had to consider the cost, project delivery, target audience, advertising and social media campaign. Winners from the groups at Thamesmead could find themselves in the National Finals if successful with their ideas of a ‘Kids Driving Challenge’ and a ‘Design an App’ activity.

Continuing the careers theme for Year 8 students ‘Learning To Work’, supported by volunteers from Heathrow, hosted the Lego Mindstorms Coding challenge. Students had to build and programme a Lego robot that could negotiate a course in the fastest time. The students first had an introduction to some of the different careers and apprenticeship options at Heathrow. As the challenge got under way they discussed driverless cars and their challenge was to make a driverless car, like the ones at Heathrow (but in a Lego version). We were delighted to also welcome Spelthorne MP Kwasi Kwarteng to this event. Many students were pleased to meet him as they have been learning about him and his job in citizenship lessons. Headteacher, Mr Reeves spoke with Mr Kwarteng in detail about funding in education, the proposed Grammar School system and mental health support for young people.