Amsterdam Trip 2017

On Saturday 21st October Thamesmead Year 8 students departed for Amsterdam, looking forward to four days exploring this beautiful city.  A major theme throughout the four days was the historic experience of the Jewish people as students had an opportunity to visit Anne Frank’s house, the Jewish Historical Museum and Camp Vught, a transit camp for Jewish families and other adult prisoners.  Many of the students were particularly affected by their visit to Anne Frank and the sad story of the Jewish children who eventually went to a death camp in Eastern Europe.

They also enjoyed being tourists by visiting a clog and cheese-making factory as well as visiting the seaside, reflecting upon the importance of tourism to the economy of the Netherlands.  Finally they had the opportunity to see some of the greatest European art ever created with a special focus upon Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.

Special thanks to Mr Adeliyi, Mrs Bell, Mrs Padgett and Mrs Meade for helping the trip go so well.