Google Pixel: Can it knock Apple and Samsung off their thrones? (Review)

(Reported by Ian Volkov, Year 8).

Google have recently released their latest phon
e, and it’s a stunner.

People with a keen eye will realize that it looks like some iPhones, and they are right. But don’t worry, Google won’t get sued for a copyright breach because there is no home button, and the camera is positioned slightly differently. Talking about the camera, it is a 12.3 megapixel stunner. Excellent low-light photography is a really good feature of this beauty. It has a useful universal headphone jack for all your music, unlike the iPhone 7.

The phone runs the latest Android processor (7.1) and the standard size phone has a 456 hour standby life – the Pixel XL has just under 100 hours more. That increased processing power makes it ideal for larger, higher definition displays with a lot of pixels.

You get a clean, fuss-free interface – and with the latest Android update, owners are awarde
d with an amazing, lightning fast experience. With an ample 1,080 x 1,920 pixels, your display isn’t perfect, but it is still pretty good for daily life. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has quite a bit more at 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, so that is where the Google Pixel lacks in power.

With a bundle of power under the lid and a decent display, the Google Pixel is nicely set up for all your music, movies and gaming needs. Open up a movie or TV show and the 5-inch smooth AMOLED display brings the action to life with vibrant colors and smooth playback.

The Pixel also copes really well when you have multiple apps open in the background, and it’s effortless to skip between them. A double tap of the useful multi-tasking button (that’s the square icon in the navigation bar) will see you return seamlessly to the app you were previously using.