Nostalgic Netflix: A review of Stranger Things

(Reported by Faye MacDonald, Year 9).

Are you always on the lookout for the latest horror series that could possibly leave you terrified? Well, Netflix series Stranger Things has recently gained a huge cult following – it includes few jump-scares but will leave you in suspense wanting more and more! It contains just the right amount of horror that won’t cause everyone nightmares and even includes a bit of romance… and luckily for you, the second season comes to Netflix this October.

Due to its largely adult audience, it is perhaps surprising that the series revolves around a group of children that encounter supernatural forces. When one member of this group of misfits goes missing, the boys goes on the hunt to find him, but instead, find a mysterious young girl with strange powers.

Stranger Things attracts a wide range of viewers from kids to adults and has engaged older viewers by adding lots of
references to the 80’s including E.T, The Shining, X-files and many more. This has proven to be popular with the 80s generations as it appeals to their nostalgia, bringing up the good old days of their childhoods – an escape from their adult lives!

Stranger Things has taken Netflix viewers by storm and has built up over million views worldwide. Actor Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) has even released a limited clothing line to support charities that raise funding for research into Cleidocranial Dysplasia, a problem that he himself suffers from. It affects him as it causes mutations in his teeth and bones. Not only is this an entertaining television experience, but its child actors are excellent role models.

It also has an enticing soundtrack that alone is enough to place anyone in suspense, creating an eerie atmosphere for the entire series. The opening theme tune is simplistic but may remind viewers of Tubular Bells (used in the Exorcist). It is very effective as it is woven into the story line and helps to portray the scary moments that occur.

Last Halloween, it was hard to avoid the huge number of people dressed up as the two main characters Dustin and Eleven. Some people even dressed up as Will’s mum, with a wall of fabric to represent the monster breaking through! This shows just how large a following this cult series has now gained, with Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) achieving over 1 million followers on Instagram and other platforms, at just the age of thirteen.

Overall, each episode of this programme is full of dramatic plot twists, humour, horror – made all the more pleasurable to watch with its generous helping of nostalgia.