Year 11 Summer Prom 2015

Our students enjoyed a wonderful, if very warm, evening at their Summer Prom on 1st July.

The young men looked very smart in their suits and the ladies in their stunning evening dresses as their friends, families and staff watched them arrive in a wide variety of transport.

We hope that you enjoy these photos from the evening and we look forward to seeing them on results day

P1000991 P1000994 P1010007 P1010003 P1010002 P1000998 P1010009 P1010024P1010044 P1010048 P1010087 P1010036 P1010075 P1010025 P1010030 P1010031 P1010033 P1010034 P1010088  P1010066 P1010062 P1010061  P1010057 P1010059 P1010069 P1010066  P1010061  P1010014 P1010019 P1010027 P1010028 P1010032 P1010033 P1010037 P1010038 P1010039P1010008 P1010010Prom 1 Prom 2 prom 3 prom 5 prom 6