Promoting British Values

At Thamesmead we recognise our important role in promoting the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and showing respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs.  We do this in a wide range of ways including through our academic and pastoral teaching and the extra-curricular programme that we offer to our students.  Below are just a few specific examples of this.


The principles and practices of a democratic political system are taught in History and Citizenship.  Our students are also able to experience this first hand, for example, through the elections of House Captains which involves the whole school on an annual basis.

The rule of law

Curriculum areas such as History, Citizenship and Religious Studies all teach our students about the value and reasons for laws and the consequences when they are broken.  This is reinforced through our assembly programme which may include guests such as local community police officers and the fire service.  Our students are also made very aware of school and class rules and understand and experience rewards for supporting them and consequences for breaking them.

Individual liberty

Students in a number of subjects across the curriculum investigate the liberties that individuals enjoy in this country and compare and contrast this with the liberties of people in other countries and other periods of time.  We have a very positive and safe school culture in which students are encouraged to appropriately express their views on a wide range of issues and to make informed choices when deciding their future educational and career pathways.  We work hard to teach our students about their rights and personal freedoms as well as supporting them in recognising how to exercise these freedoms safely.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is at the heart of all we do in the school and of the behaviour that we expect from all the members of our school community.  Students at Thamesmead are always able to voice their opinions and we have developed a culture where they feel safe to disagree with each other.  Our inter-house competitions and extensive programme of competitive sports competitions promotes the concepts of ‘fair play’ and mutual respect.

Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Our Religious Studies programme teaches our students about different faiths and the beliefs of people from a wide range of backgrounds.  This understanding is developed across the curriculum, through our House system, our Performing Arts Specialism, and a variety of trips abroad.  Students are actively encouraged to share their own faith and beliefs within Thamesmead and show respect for the faith and belief of others.